Commerce Tallent Search Exam

What is CTSE ?

CTSE is Commerce Talent Search Exam that has 100 objective questions. As now the CBSE pattern has change, So Excellence Education has launched a set of examination called CTSE that helps students to understand how to solve objective questions at schooling level. 100 questions include 60 accounts and 40 economics objective questions. By participating in CTSE it will not only help to understand the board pattern but also help to find the talent in oneself. Fees is only Rs.50/- and students will also be getting a work book that includes 1000 objective questions. This will act as a true gem for student in final examinations.

Benefits of CTSE

Premium Content

Examination includes 100 questions i.e 60 Accounts and 40 Economics. All the questions are objective questions that will help you to face board pattern.


Award ceremony is been conducted on the day of result and award and cash prices are given to the winners.

Talent Hunt

Commerce talent search examination helps you find talent hidden inside you. CTSE give students incentive to work harder for examinations.

Study Material

A works book having 1000 questions will be given to the students who opted for the examination that will provide base for study.

Premium Rewards

Commerce talent search examination provide rewards more than 10 lakhs include cash and scholarship. Rewards will be given on award ceremony.

Open to all

Commerce talent search examination is open for all the students who want to appear for the examination.

Award Ceremony

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